Ingredients of Zinger Burger Recipes

Chicken Marination spices;

For coating chicken

Sauce making spices


Before we assemble all the ingredients I am going to tell you about the benefits of this incredible ingredient in the zinger burger. Zinger Burger has huge protein and nutrients and it’s the juiciest burger.

Assembling the Burger

Now, is the time to fry chicken breast pieces. fry the chicken piece for 6-8 minutes per side on medium heat till golden brown. In the meantime, it’s very important to have all your toppings, sauces, and buns ready. Nobody likes a dry burger so put on a lot of sauce. so, we’re going to layer this.

KFC, McDonald’s, and Hardees Price

KFC Zinger Price= 470

McDonald’s Zinger Price= 700

Hardees Zinger Price =1000

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