Vegetable wontons with cream cheese

Ingredients Vegetable wontons with cream cheese:


  1. – In a frying visage, add cuisine oil painting, capsicum, cabbage, carrots, spring onion leaves, green chilli, mix well & cookon medium honey for 1- 2 twinkles.
  2. – Add black pepper greasepaint, funk greasepaint, swab & blend well.
  3. – Take out in acoliseum & let it cool fully.
  4. – Add cream rubbish, fresh parsley, mix well & set away.
  5. – In a coliseum, add egg, whisk well &set away.
  6. – Take 4 x4 inch wonton serape , add 1 tsp admixture in the center, apply whisked egg at all the edges, fold intriangular shape & seal all sides.
  7. – Apply whisked egg on one corner of triangle and imbrication to form wonton shape(makes 28- 30).
  8. – In a wok, heat cuisine oil painting and shindig on medium honey until golden brown.
  9. – Serve with dippingsauce!

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