Tandoori Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups In Air Fryer

Ingredients For Tandoori Chicken Lasagna :

1. Prepare Tandoori Chicken Red Sauce:

2. Prepare White Sauce:

3. Prepare Lasagna Rollups


1. Prepare Tandoori Chicken Red Sauce:

  1. – Hand chop funk fillets with the help of a cutter & set them away. – In a pot, add cuisine oil painting, onion & sauté until
  2. translucent. – Add garlic and mix well for a nanosecond. – Add hand-diced funk hash & mix well until it changes color. –
  3. Add tandoori masala, yogurt, and bomb juice, mix well & cook on medium honey for 7- 8 twinkles. –
  4. Add tomato paste, pureed
  5. tomatoes, mix well & cook for 2- 3 twinkles. – Add swab, funk cell, dried oregano, and dried parsley & blend well, cover & chef
  6. on low honey for 4- 5 twinkles also cook on high honey until oil painting separates & set away.

2. Prepare White Sauce:

  1. In a pot, add cuisine oil painting, and adulation & let it melt. – Add all-purpose flour & blend well for 30 seconds.
  2. – Add milk & whisk well until the sauce thickens. – Add black pepper grease paint, dried oregano, swab, and dried parsley & blend
  3. well. – Add cheddar rubbish & blend well until rubbish melts & set away

3.Prepare Lasagna Rollups:

  1. On a clean working face, place boiled lasagna distance, add & spread set white sauce & tandoori funk red sauce & roll out lasagna distance(
  2. makes 8- 10 rollups). – In a baking dish, add & spread set white sauce, place lasagna rolls, spread white sauce, mozzarella
  3. rubbish, cheddar rubbish, black olives, red chili crushed & dried oregano. – Preheat the air range to 180C for 5 twinkles. – Air
  4. shindig at 180C until rubbish melts( 10- 12 twinkles). – Garnish with fresh coriander & serve! – Use a baking safe visage that
  5. can fit your air range.

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