rich surface.


Homemade Khoya

Ingredients For Homemade Khoya:

  • -Add Olper’s Tarka Desi Ghee 2 tbs
  • -Olper’s milk 1 Cup
  • Enter Olper’s milk powder 300g

Heading For:

  1. -In a wok, add desi ghee and let it dissolve.
  2. And Add milk and blend well.
  3. Or Add milk powder, cook on low fire and blend well consistently to stay away from irregularities (3-4 minutes), continue cooking on low fire until dampness vanishes (2-3 minutes).
  4. -On lubed mold, add khoya and spread equally.
  5. -Allow it to cool totally (Yields: 600g).
  6. -Hand-crafted khoya/mawa can be hidden away fridge for as long as a multi-week.
  7. -Natively constructed khoya/mawa can be utilized in making various types of desi treats/mithai like barfi,peda,ladoos, and more.
  8. -Add it to your halwa and Kheer to give them an amazing rich surface.
  9. -Top up your number one sweet with khoya/mawa and partake in the rich flavor.