Mini Chicken Nugget Burger with Burger Sauce

Ingredients for chicken Nugget Burger:


  1. – In a wok, heat cuisine oil painting and shindig nuggets on medium-low honey until golden brown(approx. 3- 4 twinkles). –
  2. In a coliseum, add mayonnaise, mustard paste, pickled jalapenos, ginger, swab, black pepper greasepaint, garlic
  3. greasepaint, onion greasepaint, sugar, paprika greasepaint & whisk well. The burger sauce is ready!
  4. – Cut mini burger buns from the center, add & spread set burger sauce, lettuce splint, rubbish slice, tomato slice, onion rings, fried funk nugget, cucumber slices, tomato ketchup, burger sauce, and top with another mini bun to make a burger( makes 8- 10)
  5. – Serve with set burger sauce!

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