Imli Aloo Bukhara Soda

Ingredients for Imli Aloo:


  1. – In a kettle, add dried catches, tamarind, and water, mix well & bring it to a boil.
  2. – Add swab, fennel greasepaint, cumingreasepaint, black pepper greasepaint, and black swab, mix well & cook on low honey for 8- 10 twinkles while stirring in between also strain admixture with the help of a strainer
  3. .Imli aalo bukhara concentrate is ready!( Makes 8- 10 spectacles).
  4. -Can be stored in the refrigerator for over two 2 weeks. – Apply the bomb on the hem of the serving glass & invert it on a pink swab & red chili grease paint.
  5. – Add ice cells, and basil seeds, set imli aalo Bukhara to concentrate, 7up & stir.

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