Hyderabadi Dahi Baray

Ingredients Hyderabadi Dahi Baray:

1. Prepare Dahi (Yogurt Mixture):

2. Prepare Bhalla:

3. Prepare Tadka:


1. Prepare Dahi (Yogurt Mixture):

  1. – In a coliseum, add yogurt, cumin grease paint, red chili grease paint, swab, chaat masala, and green chili & whisk well.
  2. – Add water, whisk well & chill for 30 twinkles. Prepare Bhalla.
  3. – In a coliseum, add gram flour, cumin seeds, red chili greasepaint, swab, carom seeds, turmeric greasepaint, coriander seeds, incinerating soda pop, gusto garlic paste & fresh coriander.
  4. – Gradationally add water, whisk well & beat well for 2- 3 twinkles. Note To check the thickness of the batter, drop 1 tsp of batter& pour in water, if it sinks, beat again for 1- 2 minutes. However, its ready to use, If the batter floats.
  5. – In a wok, heat cuisine oil painting, pour the batter with the help of a small spoon, and shindig on medium honey until golden.
  6. – In a coliseum, add lukewarm water, and fried baray and let them soak for 6- 8 twinkles also take out from the water and squeeze gently to remove redundant water.
  7. – In a serving dish, add set baray & pour set yogurt. Prepare Tadka
  8. – In a small frying visage, add cuisine oil painting & heat it.
  9. – Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and dried red chilies & blend well. – Add curry leaves & blend well.
  10. -Add Kashmiri red chili grease paint & blend well. – Pour set tadka on dahi baray & serve!


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