Chana Chaat with Potato Chops

Ingredients Chana Chaat with Potato Chops:

1. Prepare Meethi Khajoor Chutney:

2. Prepare Imli ki Khatti Chutney:

3. Prepare Potato Chops:



1. Prepare Meethi Khajoor Chutney:

  1. – In a saucepan, add jaggery, dates, swab, red chilli greasepaint, water, mix well & bring it to boil, cover & cook on low
  2. Honey for 4- 5 twinkles.
  3. – Now mash well with the help of lecher, mix well & cook for 1- 2 twinkles.
  4. – Let it cool.

2. Prepare Imli ki Khatti Chutney:

  1. – In a saucepan, add tamarind pulp, water, swab, gusto greasepaint, black swab, chaat masala,cornflour & whisk well
  2. . – Turn on the honey, bring it to boil & cook until it thickens( 2- 3 twinkles).
  3. – Let it cool.

Prepare Potato Chops:

  1. – In a coliseum, add gram flour, cumin seeds, swab, orange food color, incinerating soda pop, cooking oilpainting & whisk well
  2. – Gradationally add water, whisk well & beat well for 2- 3 twinkles & let it rest for 10 twinkles.
  3. – In acoliseum add potatoes & crush well with the help of lecher.
  4. – Add swab, red chilli greasepaint, coriander seeds, turmeric
    greasepaint, red chilli crushed, chaat masala, garlic paste, fresh coriander & blend well.
  5. – Grease hands with oil painting,take a small volume of admixture( 60g) & make galettes or kababs of equal sizes.
  6. – In a frying visage, heat cuisine oilpainting, now dip potato chops in set batter & shindig on medium honey from both sides until golden( makes 10).

4. Assembling:

  1. – In a serving server, add chickpeas, tomato, onion, green chilli, chaat masala, fried potato chops, yogurt, greenchutney, set imli ki khatti chutney, onion, set meethi khajoor chutney, papri, beetroot, green chilli, fresh coriander, chaat
    masala & serve!

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