Bread Samosa in Air Fryer

Ingredients Bread Samosa in Air Fryer:

1. Prepare Chicken & Cheese Filling:


1. Prepare Chicken & Cheese Filling:

  1. – In a frying visage, add cuisine oil painting, and garlic, mix well & shindig until lightly golden.
  2. – Add all-purpose flour & blends well
  3. . – Add milk, blend continuously & cook until it thickens.
  4. – Add red chili crushed, swab, black pepper grease paint, and garam masala grease paint & blend well.
  5. – Add funk & blend until well combined.
  6. – Let it cool fully.
  7.  – Add cheddar rubbish, mozzarella rubbish, pickled jalapenos & spring onion, mix well & set away.
  8. – Cut circles of chuck slices with the help of a cookie knife(4.5 inches) & set away.
  9. – Use leftover check to make breadcrumbs, transfer to the wok & dry repast on medium-low honey until light golden & crisp( 3- 4 twinkles), hash well to make breadcrumbs & set away.
  10. – Roll out chuck circles with the help of a rolling leg and cut them into two pieces.
  11. – On one side of the chuck, apply water, join two sides/ edges to make a cone, and press gently to seal the cone.
  12. – Fill the cone with set funk &rubbish stuffing, apply water on the edges, bring the edges together and seal the edges duly.
  13. – Prepare the remainingchucksamosas also( makes 45).
  14. – In one coliseum, add water & in another coliseum add a set of diced breadcrumbs, swab, paprikagreasepaint, garlic greasepaint, and mix well.
  15. – Now dip chucksamosa in water & fleece with breadcrumbs.
  16. – Can be stored in a watertight vessel for over two 2 weeks in a freezer.
  17. – In a range handbasket, place chucksamosa and spot non-stick spray on both sides of the samosa & air shindig at 160C for 12 twinkles.
  18. – Serve with chili sauce!



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